A Capitol Rioter Publicly Turned His Back On Donald Trump As He Was Released From Jail: “Trump Is Not A Leader… What He Honestly Needs To Do Is Go Away!”

They're done drinking the Kool-Aide.

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I was not at the infamous, January 6th Capitol riot. I do not believe a single conspiracy that these people have built their lives and personalities upon. I will not act as though I could even begin to understand the thought process that drove these people to do what they did on that fateful day. However, through news reports and interviews and a basic understanding of human nature combined with the MAGA cult mentality, it’s not hard to make an educated guess.

The driving force behind that infamous January tragedy was Donald Trump. Plain and simple. The fact of the matter is, the vast majority of the people who stormed into the nation’s Capitol building were operating under the assumption that then-President Trump actually gave a single damn about them. Most of them seemed to believe that Trump would bail them out of any trouble they found themselves in as a result of their actions that day. Many even went so far as to believe that he would issue a blanket pardon for all the Capitol riots as one of his final acts as the official President of the United States.

But none of that happened.


Instead, Trump made it strikingly clear that he doesn’t care about them anymore so than he cares about anyone else walking the face of the earth — he left them to rot in jail cells after they did his bidding and paid the price for it.

As a result of Donald’s lack of compassion and loyalty to those most loyal to him, many of those involved in the Capitol riot have come to realize what type of person the disgraced ex-president truly is. They’ve stopped drinking the proverbial Kool-Aide, if you will.

In fact, just recently, we reported that the “Cowboy’s for Trump” founder finally “saw the light,” when he came to realize that after all those “Lock her up!” chants, the only people with their asses in jail cells were Donald’s own supporters.

And he’s not alone in that realization, it seems.

A report from HuffPost has revealed that one Capitol rioter is being released from jail, as a federal judge believes he will only be more radicalized while incarcerated — but he’s not departing his confinement without first giving a big “Fuck you!” to Donald Trump.

Thomas Sibick stands accused of assaulting D.C. Metropolitan police officer Michael Fanone and stealing his radio and badge. This morning, Judge Amy Berman Jackson ordered his release after he publicly disavowed the ex-president and swore that he would not consume any TV news or social media, according to HuffPost’s Ryan Reilly.

“The attack was] a disgrace to our nation that left a scar Trump is ultimately responsible for,” Sibick penned in a court filing. “[Trump] is not a leader and should be ostracized from any political future, what he honestly needs to do is go away!”

“[Trump] is not a leader and should be ostracized from any political future, what he honestly needs to do is go away!” the accused Capitol rioter went on to write. “I disagree with what occurred that fateful day, especially the trauma suffered by Officer Michael Fanone, it is without question unconscionable.”

Corrections officers in the jail where Sibick was held have praised his conduct while incarcerated and even applauded him for getting vaccinated. The judge questioned Sibick about the “inputs” that drove him to participate in the violent storming of the Capitol.

“It was Fox News,” he answered.

Judge Jackson ultimately barred Sibick from watching the Right-wing, Conservative network as well as any other political programming and released him to home confinement in the custody of his parents while he awaits trial. These conditions were implemented in an effort to keep Sibick, who’s seemingly had a change of heart, away from other Capitol rioters in the same jail, who have formed a so-called “Patriot Wing” in the D.C. Correctional Treatment Facility.

My only question for Sibick is this — was it worth it?

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