A Former Trump Insider Said That Donald Trump Did Cocaine With Teenage Girls When He Was In His Fifties


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Most people are probably already aware that Donald Trump appears to be abusing some form of drug, and we’re not talking about hydroxychloroquine this time. Former Trump insider turned stand-up comedian Noel Casler spent six seasons on the set of Celebrity Apprentice, and he’s been dropping bombshell allegations about the former president without any concern of breaking the NDA he signed. And interestingly, Trump had never blocked Casler’s statements — even though he has repeatedly taunted the former president with his revelations into the former reality show star’s disgusting lifestyle.

Casler previously explained why Donald Trump Jr. appeared to be so manic during an interview with Sean Hannity. Casler tweeted that Junior “likes to snort the ya-yo,” adding that “Daddy left him his dealers back in NYC.” Ya-yo is slang for cocaine, by the way. And it really makes sense if you saw the interview. Also, Casler said Donald Trump’s drug addiction was known to his family during the Celebrity Apprentice era.

Casler responded to disgraced former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly when he tweeted, “Barack Obama said he used cocaine in high school and the press didn’t care. So why the angst against President Trump for taking hydroxychloroquine? If the remedy is useless, so what? Why do they care?”


Well, former President Barack Obama did that in high school, and not when he was older. Casler tweeted that Trump did cocaine with high school girls when he was in his fifties. Also, ewwww!

O’Reilly should also note that Obama never tried to push cocaine as a cure for a disease amid a national crisis. And think about it: Trump had access to the nuclear codes, and he’s likely abusing a drug right now, and not just when he was in his fifties. Trump is combative, flies off the handle over a simple question from a reporter, appears to be paranoid, and regularly rage-tweeted while Americans were dying. Trump also slurs his words and appears to have constant sniffing problems. Those aren’t traits of a person who is squeaky clean.

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