A Report Claimed Donald Trump Asked Those Close To Him If He Should Do The Apprentice Show Again

Gotta feed that ego.

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After the United States fired Donald Trump and evicted him from the White House,  the former reality show star is contemplating firing people on ‘The Apprentice’ again, according to the Daily Beast. The outlet reported that Trump has mentioned resurrecting the old show or ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ following his failed attempted coup. What do you do after ripping a country’s democracy to shreds? You go back to being a TV reality show star, of course, to feed your ego.

Even though Trump had been sending out flurries of texts and emails seeking donations from his dedicated base to overturn the election he lost by a landslide to President-elect Joe Biden, it seems that reality has smacked him upside the head as he contemplates his next move in life.

‘In the past two weeks, the people familiar with the matter note, Trump has casually slipped into conversation lines such as, “How would you like to see The Apprentice come back?” and “Remember The Apprentice?”’ the outlet reports.


“The president has also bragged about how much of a ratings draw and money-maker the series was for him and creator and Trump pal Mark Burnett, and that if he wanted to, he could do it again,” the report continues. “Whether a network would have him is another question. The Apprentice aired formerly on NBC. But that was an era before Trump was president. And the controversy of his time in office will likely follow him after he leaves.”

Well, Trump is obsessed with ratings, and we all remember how much he has inflated the number of attendees at not only his inauguration but also at his rallies.

“Also unclear is to what extent Trump and Burnett have made contact this month,” the Daily Beast reports. “But Burnett has been talking up the prospect and has told associates he sees a revived Apprentice as a potential huge money-spinner, according to a person familiar with his thinking.”

“Mark’s an opportunist. Trump was his meal ticket before, and he’s keen to bring the show back to life, especially in the face of the disaster MGM has become,” a source told the outlet.

The good news in all of this is that Trump finally realizes that he lost to Biden. The bad news is that Trump will always seek the spotlight and never completely get out of our lives.

You can read the full report here.

Featured image via Michael Vadon/Flickr, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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