A Report Claimed That Trump Once Showed Nude Photos Of Women On A Yacht To Shiva Attendees And Blasted His CFO’s Home As “Embarrassing”


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According to Jennifer Weisselberg, former daughter-in-law of Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg, who attended a Jewish mourning event, Donald Trump showed attendees photos of naked women at a shiva, the New Yorker reports.

Investigators in the Manhattan district attorney’s office have debriefed Weisselberg. She noted in the report that it wouldn’t be easy to get her former father-in-law to flip on Trump. Still, she suggested that he would know where the bodies are buried.

“His whole worth is, ‘Does Donald like me today?'” Jennifer Weisselberg said. “It’s his whole life, his core being. He’s obsessed. He has more feelings and adoration for Donald than for his wife.”


“You walk down the hall, it’s Allen-Donald, Allen-Donald — they don’t do anything separately,” she said. “Allen would know everything.”

When she was asked if her former father-in-law would flip under pressure, she said, “I don’t know. For Donald, it’s a business. But for Allen, it’s a love affair.”

She spoke of the first time she met Donald Trump — before she had married Barry Weisselberg in October 2004 — and what took place at the shiva at Allen Weisselberg’s house in Wantagh, a town in Long Island.

“Trump showed up in a limousine and blurted out, ‘This is where my C.F.O. lives? It’s embarrassing!'”  Jane Mayer wrote in the New Yorker. “Then, Jennifer recalled, Trump showed various shivah attendees photographs of naked women with him on a yacht.”

After Trump showed off photographs of himself with the naked women on a yacht to the shiva attendees, he reportedly started hitting on  Ms. Weisselberg, who is a former dancer and choreographer.

“After that, he starts hitting on me,” she said.

‘Jennifer claimed that Allen Weisselberg, instead of being offended on her behalf, humored his boss: “He didn’t stand up for me!” Asked about this, Weisselberg’s lawyer, Mary Mulligan, said, “No comment,”’ the report states.

Jane Mayer writes that “Weisselberg was known behind his back as the Weasel,” adding that “His office door, on the twenty-sixth floor of Trump Tower, shared a hallway with Trump’s.”

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Unfortunately, none of this is difficult to believe of the former president, whose allies brushed off the vulgar Access Hollywood tape as “locker room talk.”

You can read the full report here.

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