A Surfaced Video Footage Appeared To Show Former Liberty President Jerry Falwell Jr. Inviting Students To His Home For “The Real Liberty Graduation”

He seems a bit confused.

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Former Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. seems confused since last year he resigned — most likely a forced resignation — following allegations of sexual behavior that flouted the school’s honor code. In a video posted on Facebook and Twitter, Falwell Jr. is seen talking in front of a group of college seniors and inviting them to his residence for the “real Liberty graduation.” It’s kind of Trumpian that he thinks he’s still the university president a year after leaving in disgrace.

@Save72’s Twitter account describes itself as “a group of Liberty alumni, students and faculty calling for new leadership,” and they are calling him out.


Falwell Jr. proudly tweeted this out:

Here’s a clip of Falwell Jr.’s stunt:

Religion News Service reached out to Falwell Jr., and he said that he was joking about the party being the “real” Liberty graduation. He went to say that the planned event at his 500-acre farm, where his family has lived for 33 years, is “my way of saying thank you” to the students, who he claims have supported him through the past year of controversy.

“I just want to thank the students because they’ve shown me so much love through all this ordeal. Everywhere I go, they’re so forgiving,” he told RNS. “They’re so loving. And I want to reciprocate by having them out to my farm.”

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Falwell Jr. admitted that his wife Becki had an affair with his former “pool boy,” but he denied participating in the sexual encounters that lasted for quite a few years. Then later, he posted a photograph of himself on a yacht with his zipper down while his arm was around his wife’s assistant. Giancarlo Granda, the “pool boy,” said that Falwell Jr. willingly allowed him to have sex with his wife while he watched.

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