According To Reports, Trump Campaign Is Enlisting Karen Pence To Reach Women Because Melania Doesn’t Seem To Be An Option

What's wrong, Mel? Can't stomach the idea?

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Whether he’s willing to admit it or not, Trump is struggling hard to garner any sort of support worth mentioning from pretty much any other subset of human beings outside of “rich, old, and white” or “white, racist, and ignorant.”

Recently he’s attempted to hold various events in an effort to gain the approval of the minority crowds that he’s having such a difficult time getting on the bandwagon. The problem is, he doesn’t have any desire to actually do anything that would benefit them in any way. In fact, he fully intends to continue oppressing them with cruel policies and inhumane laws. He just really wishes they’d go ahead and still vote for him while he does — which certainly explains why you regularly see “Latinos for Trump” and “Blacks for Trump” events chock full of white guys in t-shirts bearing the slogan.

Absolutely no one is actually buying that garbage.

In addition to people of color and members of the LGBTQ+ community who aren’t champing at the bit to sign away their dignity, respect, and the next four years of their basic human rights, women across the nation aren’t exactly itching to hitch a ride on the Trump Train either.

Typically speaking, the duty of portraying the president as a likable ally for women would fall under the responsibilities of the First Lady. However, for whatever reason, Melania isn’t taking the bait — we don’t know why and there’s no way to say with certainty what her reasoning is. But if I were just guessing, I’d venture to say it has more than a little to do with her first-hand knowledge of how Donald actually treats women. But that’s just me.

As a result, it seems that Second Lady Karen Pence has stepped up to the plate in hopes of convincing millions of women that Donald Trump has a single decent thing to offer them.

According to a new report from Time, “with the First Lady largely avoiding the scene, the campaign sees Karen Pence as an asset in one of the areas it most needs help with, women.”

“I just feel like I want to do my part,” Karen recently stated in an interview with the Associated Press, stating that she sees her role under the president as “[T]elling the story. Promises made, promises kept.”

“This is so exciting for me,” the Second Lady went on to state to supporters during a visit to the Indiana Statehouse. “Under the leadership of President Trump and Vice President Pence — I have to put his name in there, too — we are getting things done.”

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I don’t think her lie-ridden “story” will be making any strides with women voters. We’re done with Donald Trump. Perhaps that’s why Melania knows not to even bother.

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