According To Reports, When “MyPillow” Guy Visited The White House, Trump Seemed So “Glum” That He Had To Cheer Him Up

Trump is cracking under the pressure.

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The state of Donald Trump’s mental health has never been what anyone would call “healthy.” The fact of the matter is, he’s always been a narcissistic megalomaniac with more than a few mommy issues and a raging drug problem. But there’s really no denying that this massive outbreak of coronavirus in the United States has been playing heavily on an already damaged and demented mind.

We recently covered the inner workings of Trump’s days now that he’s confined to the White House as a result of the pandemic that he all but caused, that was outlined in a recent New York Times article, and it doesn’t speak highly of Donald’s cracking mental health.

It spoke of days filled with rage-watching TV and temper tantrums regarding the way the media has been portraying him throughout this crisis of his own making.


But tucked deep inside the Times report is a story from mid-March when Donald was evidently at his “low point” as death tolls and infections were rising on the heels of his description of the virus as “one person coming in from China” and the equivalent of the seasonal flu — and it paints a picture of a “glum” Trump who had to be “cheered up” by his pal Mike Lindell. You know, the MyPillow guy.

“Mike Lindell, a Trump donor campaign surrogate and the chief executive of MyPillow, visited the White House later that month and said the president seemed so glum that Mr. Lindell pulled out his phone to show him a text message from a Democratic-voting friend of his who thought Mr. Trump was doing a good job,” the Times report reads.

The report goes on to note that Mr. Lindell claimed Trump had a change in attitude after he saw the text message.

“I just wanted to give him a little confidence,” the MyPillow executive said.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Trump is cracking under the pressure of this pandemic and the subsequently broken economy that he had planned to ride into another term. My biggest worry at this point is where we’ll all be when he can no longer be “cheered up” with a text message.

You can read the full report here.

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