Accuser In Trump’s Assault Case Sent Him A Warning About Court Case, She “Does NOT Settle!”

Trump better never forget it.

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Over the course of his lifetime, Donald J. Trump has gotten away with more rape and sexual assault than I can stomach to speak of. Literally, dozens (upwards of 20) of women have credibly accused the man who has spent the last four years as President of the United States of some form of rape or sexual assault against them. Court documents have accused him of unspeakable acts with children as young as 13-year-old while in cahoots with none other than the infamous, late child-trafficker Jeffery Epstein. This is the man who is quite literally on tape bragging about his “ability” to grab women by their genitals whenever he takes a notion to, without their permission, because “when you’re famous, they let you do it.” It’s the same man who’s been accused of inappropriate acts with his own daughter, and even publically claimed that if she weren’t his child, he’d probably date her.

My point here is, there simply is no denying that the man is a disgusting, skeevy pig of a rapist who deserves nothing short of a lifetime behind bars. Yet, somehow, he’s not only managed to get away with it all, he managed to rise to the highest position of power in the United States of America.

Over the years, some of his accusers have settled out of court, some refuse to take their accusations any further because, for God’s sake, the man was the President. Each of his victims have chosen to handle what happened to them in their own way, there is no wrong way to be a victim, and we stand behind each and every one of them with our full support. However, one of his accusers has made it crystal clear that she refuses to back down — E. Jean Carroll will hold Donald Trump accountable for what he’s done if it’s the last thing she does.

Carroll has been vocal about her suit against the now-ex-President on Twitter since it began. Recently, a Twitter account that offers screenshots of the goings-on over at the right-wing social media platform, Parler, posted an image of a posting questioning why Donald Trump has yet to submit his DNA for the rape allegations against him. Another Twitter user responded to the tweet, predicting that Trump will settle with his accusers without ever providing his DNA for the case because it will serve as proof that he committed the rape.

However, Carroll made damn sure that everyone knows — that is not going to happen.

Responding to the tweet, Carroll wrote, “One little detail: E. Jean Carroll does NOT settle!”

Carroll doesn’t need or want Donald Trump’s dirt money. She is after justice. She is after fairness. She is after ensuring that Donald Trump pays for what he has done. And I know in my heart of hearts that she will not rest until she succeeds.

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