Actor Edward Norton Goes Off On Trump, Gives Chilling Reason He Thinks Trump Is Delaying Transition

Donald Trump needs to fold.

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Everyone has a tipping point, and for most American’s their tolerance for our bloated orange gremlin of a president has been pushed past its boundary for some time now. Donald Trump is now pushing those boundaries even further by attempting the slowest coup possible and many people aren’t taking this seriously enough. The excuses being made for Trump are similar to those made by people when he came down that escalator and announced that he was running for president. Instead of outright saying he has no chance of winning, a new set of excuses are being offered — “chaos is just what he loves” and “let’s just humor him.”

Fight Club actor Edward Norton sees the true danger in the Trump campaign’s actions and he described it perfectly with a poker metaphor:

 Mr. Norton doesn’t pull any punches here when he calls out what should be obvious — Trump knows he doesn’t have any other choice but to attempt this coup. He knows he has multiple subpoenas from New York waiting to be unsealed the moment he is out of office. And there is danger involved in not calling his bluff, because every day that he stalls, the more havoc he gets to wreak. Every day he doesn’t coordinate with the Biden transition team, the deeper in the hole we get with coronavirus. We should take this grave advice, we should indeed have faith in our government, but more importantly, we can’t let Donald Trump’s antics make that faith waiver, we have to call his bluff and make him fold.

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Chris Gifford