Actress Calls Out Ivanka Trump For Alleged Racist Comment On Celebrity Apprentice

I'm not even surprised.

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Donald Trump’s favorite daughter, Ivanka, has once again been busted and effectively called out as the racist, tone-deaf, princess of nepotism that we’ve all grown to know and despise. And according to this story, she’s been that way long before she rode her daddy’s coattails to actual fame when he weaseled his way into the presidency.

Actress Vivica Fox recently talked with E! television host Andy Cohen and told of her 2015 appearance on Trump’s old reality TV show, Celebrity Apprentice, and not only revealed the blatantly racist comment that the future First Daughter said to her, but noted that Ivanka, in all her tone-deaf privilege, likely didn’t even know that what she said was racist and offensive as all get out.

HuffPost reports that Fox was participating in a segment on For Real: The Story of Reality TV and recalled the time the future former president’s daughter was allegedly taken aback at how well Fox spoke.


“I’ll never forget that when I did ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ and Ivanka Trump, she said, ‘Wow, you speak very well,'” the actress revealed.

“No, Andy. I hate to say it,” Fox went on to explain. “I don’t think she knew at the time that she was insulting us. I really think that she thought she was complimenting us. That it was like, ‘Oh, wow, you guys are intelligent.'”

“I don’t think she knows now,” the E! host replied, theorizing that Ivanka is every bit as tone-deaf and privileged now as she was then. “Think of the layers and layers of white people that saw a cut of that show and aired it and they said, ‘Oh, this is great.'”

Of course, racism is nothing new to the Trump family as a whole, considering Trump himself allegedly once floated the idea of pitting black contestants against white contestants for a season of his show and has been credibly accused multiple times of using numerous racial slurs on the set.

“I think that it would be handled very beautifully by me,” Trump said at the time of his 2005 concept for his reality TV show. He even went on to boast to Howard Stern that it would be “the highest-rated show on television.”

You can watch the clip from E! here:

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