Adam Schiff Claps Back At Trump After Treason Accusations, Puts Former President In His Place

Schiff isn't taking his crap.

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Democratic Representative and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, like many of his colleagues within his party, has never been a fan of Donald Trump. Frankly, he’s watched in horror for four long years as the now ex-president got away with so many heinous transgressions that we couldn’t even keep up with them all, despite his best efforts. The fact of the matter is, there was always a GOP-led Senate waiting in the shadows to save the then-president from any real justice or accountability, and Trump knew it.

But Donald isn’t president anymore. Donald doesn’t enjoy the protection from persecution that the presidency once offered him. Donald is little more than a washup these days, and Adam Schiff is done with him.

Recently, a bombshell report broke revealing that the Trump Department of Justice had been spying on numerous Democrats during his term in office via phone records from Apple. According to the report, the Trump DOJ’s massive abuse of power wasn’t limited to the individuals in Congress either; apparently, they even seized the records of their family, including minors.


Adam Schiff was one of those Democrats, and he’s wasting no time in taking action.

Today, Rep. Schiff tweeted a response to the reports that Trump’s Justice Department had spied on him and his family through subpoenas to Apple.

“Trump accused me of treason and said I should be investigated. And someone needed to ‘do something’ about me,” Schiff wrote on Twitter. “Now I have learned they sought my data from Apple. It’s shocking and yet, not at all surprising. The damage he did will take years to repair. But that work has begun.”

According to a report from POLITICO, Schiff has also called for an investigation into the matter.

What Donald Trump and his people have done is unacceptable and we are no longer willing to accept the excuse, “Well, he’s the President, what can you do?”

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