After Melania’s RNC Address, Former Trump Family Source Warns That People Don’t Have Any Idea “How Dangerous She Is And The True Nature Of Why She Is In The White House”

America has no idea.

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The last three and a half years have been hard on “benefit of the doubt” people. I know that’s a strange way to phrase something, but it’s all I can think of after most of a presidential term that has relied on the benefit of the doubt in order to not be considered outrageously, blatantly, purposely, overtly filled with illegal, sexist, racist, xenophobic politics.

Like, the assumption that Donald Trump has good intentions does some pretty heavy lifting in the face of what look like pandemic directives that slow down our response and potentially make him money, or basically forgetting about thousands of migrant children at the border in cages, some of whom have “celebrated” two birthdays inside those chain-link fences.

But Donald is one thing, right? Surely we can give the benefit of the doubt to Melania Trump. An immigrant herself, Melania could hardly be considered the kind of malicious, malignant narcissist that her husband is — and she does that whole anti-bullying thing, right?


But it turns out that her participation in the “birther” movement with Donald should have been a giant red flag to America, according to Noel Casler, who, through his years of working on Trump’s show The Apprentice, came to know the ins and outs of the Trump family better than most.

We’ve seen plenty of “insider” information about the president from Casler, including stories of his drug use, sexual proclivities, laziness, past indiscretions, greed, cover-ups, and legendary tantrums — essentially a sampler platter of deadly sins that those in Trump’s close orbit watched in real time.

But following the First Lady’s speech at the 2020 Republican National Convention, Casler couldn’t help but unload a little on Melania for once. After seeing the relatively warm reception that she was getting from social media — a low bar, since essentially all she had to do was not be a megalomaniac like her husband — Casler weighed in on who he knows as the real Melania Trump:

As always, Noel tagged the person he was talking about in his tweet, an act of defiance in order to tell the president and his wife, “go ahead and sue me if you can prove anything I say isn’t true.” Notably, Trump has never responded to Casler either online or with a lawsuit.

I personally have defended Melania from what I believe are sexist attacks on her for nude modeling in the past or for a reputation she may have as a “bimbo” or other sexist trope about women. But I won’t defend her against charges of racism or hatred.

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