Alex Jones Gets Embarrassingly Scolded By Judge After He Whines That The Media “Won’t Let Me Take It Back” During Sandy Hook Trial


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Honestly, if I were Alex Jones, I’d just pay the money and shut the hell up at this point — because this trial is getting downright embarrassing. FAST.

The controversial, ultra Right-wing InfoWars host actually showed up to today’s leg of his trial — in which the court is now only working to determine the financial damages that the conspiracy theorist will be held responsible for after it was already previously ruled that he was guilty of defaming the families of the Sandy Hook victims through his public platform — but I’m betting he’s wishing that he hadn’t right about now.

Already, we watched in collective secondhand embarrassment this morning, as one of the attorneys representing the Sandy Hook families busted Jones out right to his face with proof that the talk show host had lied under oath regarding his claim that he never sent text messages or emails regarding the Sandy Hook topic. The families’ attorney was able to call Jones out with the cold, hard proof that he personally had access to after Alex’s own lawyer accidentally sent it to him.

But to make matters all the better (For us, anyway. Not so much on Jones.) we also got to witness the judge on the case put the conspiracy theorist right in his place, as he went on a whiney rant about the big, bad, mean media.

At one point during today’s leg of the trial, Jones began to defend his choice to have his fellow conspiracy theorist Steve Pieczenik appear on his InfoWars show, where the lies and falsehoods regarding the Sandy Hook “false flag” operation were born.

“He gave us a lot of info over the years that turned out to be dead on,” Jones said, referencing Pieczenik. the same man who has made numerous claims about the US government being behind the infamous 9/11 terrorist attack.

However, despite the defense of his choice during today’s trial, Jones would go on to (seemingly begrudgingly) admit that Pieczenik’s Sandy Hook claims were complete and utter garbage and that the Sandy Hook shooting was, in fact, real. But, he couldn’t do so without throwing in a serious whine about how the media just won’t give him credit for changing his mind.

“It’s 100% real, as I said yesterday,” Alex said in today’s trial before going on to complain, “And the media still ran with lies that I was saying it wasn’t real on air yesterday. It’s incredible. They won’t let me take it back. They just want to keep me in the position of being the Sandy Hook man. My son got confronted yesterday —”

At this point, the judge sustained an objection made by the opposing legal team before addressing Jones personally and chastising him, “And I just remind you, just answer the question that the attorney asks you.”

Jones continues to battle through this trial in an effort to reduce and/or limit the amount of damages he will be held responsible for to the families of Sandy Hook victims, who have asserted that still to this day they are regularly and openly harassed by individuals who have adopted the notion of Jones’ false, derogatory, and harmful claims about the Sandy Hook shooting.

Again, I’d just pay it, dude. This is getting really humiliating.

Watch the clip here:

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