Alexander Vindman’s Wife Speaks Out About Trump: “He Continued Putting Us In Danger”

This is heartbreaking.

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Donald Trump’s public impeachment process brought forth a wide array of emotions for the American people — ranging from anger, to sadness, to disgust and everything in between. But perhaps the most heartbreaking was the torture we watched U.S. Army lieutenant colonel Alexander Vindman go through as he served as a witness and delivered his testimony — only to be relentlessly bullied and life as he knew it destroyed by the President.

And now his wife, Rachel Vindman, is speaking out on what all of that has meant for her family.

In a joint production ad between the anti-Trump Republican group, the Lincoln Project, and the progressive veteran’s group, Vote Vets, Rachel tells of the danger her family has been put in at the hands of Donald Trump, according to a report from Intelligencer. 


“The most powerful man in the world came after our family, what happened to us can happen to anyone,” she says in the ad.

Rachel talks about the threats her family received after Trump zeroed in on her husband as a target for his bullying tactics.

“Other things said subsequently were more threatening and more overt, but the first time is the most shocking,” she stated, saying they had threats mailed directly to their home. “You know you’re easy to find. These people found us, even if it’s one or two a day, that’s enough and doesn’t matter if [they’re] balanced by letters of support.”

She goes on to talk about how worried she was to send her husband to the White House to work after his testimony at the impeachment hearing.

“It was hard for me as a spouse to send him, I felt, into the lion’s den every day. I knew the people … would give him dirty looks in the hallway. It bothered me, but he sort of discovered they were tracking his emails, basically surveilling him at work, and it was an unsettling feeling for me to know that.”

When asked about Trump’s role specifically in what happened to her family during an interview with CNN, Rachel said, “He just continually put Alex’s name out there. He seemed to be a little bit obsessed with it. He would continually remark on Vindman and I think by constantly saying his name, by telegraphing it to his supporters, that he continued to put us in danger, by continuing to say our name.”

Donald Trump brings with him destruction and danger wherever he goes. How could we possibly live through another four years of this?

See the powerful ad here:

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