Americans Are Disgusted After Trump Allows Bikers To Rumble Their Harleys Across The Grounds Of The White House

It's one of the saddest scenes in White House history.

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Many on social media called it something like a scene from the movie “Idiocracy” as America watched dozens of bikers ride across the grounds of the White House this morning in what looked essentially like a campaign rally for the President — which would be illegal to hold at the White House, incidentally.

The scene took place during what was to be Trump’s Memorial Day address for this year, something that quickly devolved into the same sort of stump speech that every public appearance he does turns into, complete with self-congratulations for everything he thinks he’s done right, a quick public bashing of his political opponents, and a total glossing-over of the nearly 100,000 people who have lost their lives to the deadly pandemic that Trump fatally ignored and then downplayed for months as the situation grew more dire.

Indeed, what should have been a solemn event became a de facto party at the White House as the motorcycles growled across the grounds of America’s Capitol, rock music blaring in the background from a band that’s been asking Trump to stop playing their music at his events for nearly two years.


Social media was not amused. In fact, some of the responses to the event weren’t even the kind of sarcastic jokes and jabs that one normally sees from Twitter, but rather kind of sad at seeing the White House basically desecrated by a man who has no respect for honor, tradition, or propriety.

It’s one thing to wonder about what America looks like after this pandemic has passed — do we hug anymore or shake hands, do restaurants all move to outdoor seating, are drive-in movies going to enjoy a resurgence?

It’s another thing entirely to ponder what the nation looks like after Trump is gone, but the smell of him pissing all over the country lingers on.

Featured image via screen capture

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