Americans Fume As GOP Lawmaker Says They’re Overplaying “The Deaths Of These People On Capitol Hill”

I'm old enough to remember the Benghazi attacks, dude.

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Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) — who sought to have the attacks on Benghazi investigated ad nauseam — on Monday said that Democrats are “overplaying” the deaths that occurred during the violent insurrection on the Capitol last week. Four Americans died during the Benghazi attacks, and at the Capitol last week, five Americans died. Still, Issa went there.

“They’re overplaying a lot of things, including the death of these people on Capitol Hill,” Issa told Marea Bartiromo on Fox Business. Issa then described Donald Trump’s incitement of the insurrection as merely a “misstep.” Issa also said that banning Trump’s volatile Twitter account was “kicking him while he’s down.”

As for the deaths of 5 Americans, including a police officer, Issa thinks Democrats are overplaying it.


“There’s no question at all that I think the liberals saw an opportunity, a misstep by the president that they’re going to overplay, and they’re overplaying it as we speak,” he said. “They’re overplaying a lot of things, including the death of these people on Capitol Hill.”


Issa pissed off the Internet with his remarks.

What a hot mess. I hope we can see a 9/11 style commission on the insurrection in the very near future.

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