Americans Just Paid 3 Million For Trump To Go Golfing With Kid Rock This Weekend; This Video Should Make You Furious

He seems to have forgotten about the National Emergency.

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Between his declaration of a national emergency and the dropping of the Mueller report on Friday, Donald Trump has effectively worked the entire country up into a tizzy. But instead of parking his ass in the White House and doing his presidential duties amid all the uproar, he is instead kicking it on the golf course with none other than erstwhile rapper Kid Rock — and on the taxpayer’s dime, no less — verified by video footage as well as Kid Rock’s homage to the outing with POTUS on Twitter.

According to a recent report from the Government Accountability Office, each one of Trump’s golf outings cost the American taxpayers an estimated $3 million. This big bill covers the costs of things like operating government aircraft and boats, temporary costs of the personnel supporting Trump during his travels, cost for transportation, lodging, meals, and other incidental expenses, and even foots the bill for golf carts used by Secret Service agents to accompany the president on his outing.

The worst part of it is, Trump golfs on his own properties — so every dime of that money that American taxpayers are forced to reluctantly cough up for his frequent outings goes directly back into Trump’s pocket. It makes his alleged annual salary donation look a lot less generous, doesn’t it?

The situation is even more ironic, considering during Trump’s campaign, he trashed Obama for going on golf trips and claimed that once he was president he’d never have time for golf again. Funnily enough, Trump has actually spent a record-breaking number of 176 days on the golf course so far during the course of his presidency. It looks like he found the time.

To say the least, the American public is outraged that POTUS would be spending his time on the links with a well known racist and, let’s face it, asshole, teeing off on their dime as the country he’s basically ruined is falling apart around him.

Featured image via Political Tribune

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