Americans Lose Their Lunch After Watching Matt Gaetz Praise “Dear Leader” Trump During White House Luncheon: “I Just Want To Throw Up! This Is Sick, Just Sick!!”

There must be a picture somewhere of him curled up in Trump's lap like a good lapdog.

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In sycophantic praise that would make North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un blush with delight, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) attended a luncheon at the White House and told President Donald Trump that Republicans are “inspired” by him.

The luncheon for the Republican caucus occurred despite the coronavirus pandemic, and Trump refused to wear a mask even though he was exposed to the virus by his valet, who has tested positive along with Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff Katie Miller — the wife of Stephen Miller — and another staffer.

Therefore, Trump risked exposing all of the Republicans right there in the White House Dining Room.


Despite Trump’s incompetence and recklessness, Gaetz wasted no time sucking up to him when it was his turn to speak. “We are inspired by our president,” Gaetz began. “I have observed your willingness to work with anyone.”

Yeah, that’s bullsh*t. Trump has notably refused to even talk to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) despite the national emergency.

Gaetz went on to attack Democrats for not bowing down to Trump and asked Trump for advice.

“What advice would you give us to try to have our Democratic leadership behave more like the governors you’ve worked with?” he asked.

Here’s the video:

Americans collectively expressed disgust at this sucking up.

Matt Gaetz is such a kiss-a** that it’s embarrassing. Democratic governors aren’t being nice because Trump is doing his job. They were saying whatever they had to in desperation to get supplies they needed to fight the pandemic. And even then they didn’t get enough as Trump has seized many shipments.

And the reason House Democrats are not in session is because they are following the recommendations of health experts. There are 435 members of the House, so gathering puts everyone at risk of contracting the coronavirus. Perhaps if Senate Republicans would give House Democrats a real reason to return, such as passing a bill to provide another round of stimulus checks to Americans without another corporate wish list, they’ll make an exception.

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