Americans React After Empty Boxes Are Seen Being Delivered At The White House: “Hope The Staff Has Done An Accurate Inventory Of Taxpayer Owned Items In WH”

Check the silverware!

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Donald Trump tried to cling to power even after losing the election to President-elect Joe Biden, and even though he put lives in danger, so the sight of a moving truck delivering empty boxes to the White House is a welcomed one. The Biden administration will have a lot of work to do. Still, the first thing on the schedule before moving into the White House will be a deep cleaning of the premises, following multiple outbreaks of the coronavirus on White House grounds.

According to NBC News, pallets of cardboard boxes were delivered to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building as the Biden administration is set to take office on Jan. 20th. Most of the offices in the building are for White House staff members. And Trump has been increasingly isolated, with resignations piling in.

The image of the empty boxes being delivered lit up the Twitterverse.


Trump is retreating to his Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago, but there might be issues with the outgoing president residing there. Palm Beach made Trump sign an agreement that states that no club member could stay at Mar-a-Lago for more than 21 days a year or seven consecutive days, among other restrictions. At the time, Trump’s attorney promised that the former reality show star would not live at Mar-a-Lago, and some of his neighbors have taken legal action to block him from residing there.

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