Americans Reacted In Horror After Trump Claimed Voters Are Coming From “Those Beautiful War Fields We Have” During Speech: “Only A 5 Time Draft Dodger Will Say That”

Wait, WHAT?

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Republicans officially renominated Donald Trump to represent the GOP on the ballot in the Nov. 3 presidential election, locking in the party’s ticket for an electoral battle against Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris. And the whole thing was weird, to say the least. The delegate from Arkansas brought up “Crooked Hillary.” It’s four years later, and they are still running against Clinton. And at one point, Trump took to the stage, and I need to tell you that part of our job here at Political Tribune is to figure out what the fuck this president is talking about. It’s not easy sometimes, you guys.

During his speech at the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, NC, Trump claimed that people are”coming out of the rivers” to vote for him, then he mentioned, “those beautiful war fields that we have.” And I have questions. Who are the river people, and what war fields is he talking about? I’m at a loss.

Watch part of that below:


Twitter users pounced.

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And the weird part is that each time Trump speaks in Turnip, the audience applauds him. It’s as if his supporters are enabling a man who is mentally unfit for office or something. I look forward to the day his home planet reclaims him.

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