Americans Recoil In Horror After Woman At Town Hall Tells Trump How Handsome He Is When He Smiles: “Lady With The Worst F*cking Taste In History”

I hope she feels better soon!

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Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden held competing town hall events on Thursday night. That’s because the president backed out of participating in a virtual debate with the former vice-president after the current occupant of the White House, and the Third Lady tested positive for the coronavirus. Needless to say, Trump’s town hall was off the rails. The president refused to denounce QAnon and pretty much refused to say that he would accept the election results, called Savannah Guthrie “so cute,” and refused to say when he last tested negative for the coronavirus.

Questions were posed by those leaning toward voting for Biden and others leaning toward voting for Trump. And one woman, a registered Republican, came up to the microphone and gushed over Trump’s “handsome” smile. And that’s funny because the last description most of us would offer about Trump’s appearance is ‘handsome,’ but OK. We get that it’s a cult. And I get it, lady, I used to do drugs, too. But even back then, I still had standards.

“I have to say you have a great smile,” she said, adding, “You’re so handsome when you smile.”



Twitter users were horrified.

OK, he is not handsome. Trump is not even remotely handsome. Raise the bar, lady. Trump is obese, wears a girdle, lifts in his shoes, and resembles a centaur when he stands. On top of that, the dude hasn’t mastered how to walk down a ramp yet. He’s 74-years-old and isn’t into exercising. And looks have nothing to do with whether someone should be voted in for a second term. Geez.

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