Americans Should Be Terrified After Trump’s Pentagon Chief Tells Governors “We Need To Dominate The Battlespace” In Order To “Get Back To The Right Normal”

This is really bad.

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Defense Secretary Mark Esper made remarks that sent a chill down the spine of Americans across the country during a conference call Donald Trump had with governors when he suggested bringing in the military to “dominate the battlespace” in reference to American cities and American citizens during this time of mass protest.

Millions of Americans are peacefully protesting the murder of George Floyd by police and are demanding an end to police brutality and racial injustice. Some right-wing agitators have moved in to cause violence and property damage, but Trump has decided to blame anti-fascists instead.

Trump referred to the governors as “weak” and urged them to bring in the military to put down the protests, a gross misuse of American troops.


But Esper agreed with Trump and not only referred to American cities as a battlefield to be conquered, but he also said it should be conquered so America can get back to “the right normal.”

“I think the sooner that you mass and dominate the battlespace, the quicker this dissipates and we can get back to the right normal,” Esper said. “We need to dominate the battlespace.”

The “right normal” according to Trump and Republicans would be a conservative hellscape where civil liberties are crushed if you are not a white conservative Christian male. And it appears Trump is ready to declare war on the American people to get his way and stay in power.

Americans, including former SOCOM Commander Tony Thomas, expressed absolute mortification at what Esper said.

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Make no mistake, Trump and his team are treating this like war and American citizens like enemy combatants. This has nothing to do with calming the nation and everything to do with Trump’s desire to crush dissent and stay in power. If the military follows his orders, they will have turned against their fellow Americans in support of fascism.

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