Americans Take Mitch McConnell To The Woodshed After He Applauds Trump For Passing COVID-19 Relief “As Quickly As Possible”

No. Just... No.

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In case you hadn’t noticed, though I’m sure you have, this pandemic disaster has been going on for nearly a year now. That’s almost a year of isolation for some, birthdays and holidays and important moments spent without family and friends because getting together may risk their lives. That’s almost a year of no job security, worrying if you’ll be able to pay the rent, keep the lights on, buy Christmas gifts for those that mean the most to you. It’s almost a year of distance learning with your children, crying as many tears as they have because they’re frustrated and you’re scared that you’re failing them. It’s almost a year of heading to work at your “essential” job wondering if today’s the day you get sick, wondering if you’ll get lucky enough for a mild case or if you should start lining out your will, in case you don’t get so lucky, like more than 300,000 of your fellow Americans.

Through all that time, the only help we’ve gotten from our government is one $1200 check, an amount that won’t even pay most people’s rent. While other countries have truly stepped up to the plate, the “greatest country in the world” has truly done the barest of minimums.

With the new year rapidly approaching, it seems that our good ole government figured they probably better throw us another bone, this time in the form of a $600 relief check, a laugh in the face of every human being who’s ever paid rent. But nevertheless, the bill was set to go through seamlessly, until outgoing President Donald Trump decided to show his ass a bit, with his little “give them $2000” stunt. But in the end, as we all expected, it was little more than a ploy for attention and Trump ended up signing the bill for $600 payments a week later than he could have — not to mention the literal months in between the direct relief payments that could’ve been spent helping the American people too.

But nevertheless, the GOP is fawning at Trump’s feet for doing the bare minimum once again.

In a statement he released on Twitter, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has played a huge part in screwing over the American people, sang his praises for Donald Trump, applauding him for getting relief to the people of this country “as quickly as possible.”

But We The People have been counting the days that turned to weeks, and the weeks that turned to months and we’re not here for it:

I’m not sure what sort of idiots you take us to me, Mr. McConnell, but we know better. And you do too.

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