Analyst Claims Biden Will Likely Strip Mitch McConnell Of All His Power

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We all experienced that blue wave that hit the house for the midterm elections, and we could indeed experience that with the Senate, too, if Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden wins the election in November,  according to CNN polling analyst Harry Enten. And that, of course, means that Mitch McConnell would no longer be the Senate majority leader. And that adds more motivation to get to the polls since McConnell doesn’t seem to realize that his job isn’t solely about confirming judges — with some of them wholly unqualified to do so.

Enten writes that “given the lineup of seats up in the Senate, chances are Democrats will take the Senate if former vice president Joe Biden takes the presidency,” however if Trump wins, Republicans will keep control of the Senate. And right now, according to FiveThirtyEight, Biden is predicted to win 352 electoral votes.

The analyst says that because of Biden, Democrats are likely to take control of the Senate.


“Right now, the Democrats are favored to take control of the Senate because of Biden,” he reports. “We could be looking at record straight-ticket voting this cycle, and Biden’s advantage in the presidential race is seeping down into the Senate races.”

Enten further notes that if Biden wins, Kamala Harris, not Pence, would be the tie-breaker.

“The Democrats need a net gain of three to four seats to win the Senate: three if Biden wins and Kamala Harris, as vice president, breaks a 50-50 split, and four if Biden loses and Vice President Mike Pence breaks a tie,” he continues.

“Biden is doing much better in the five states where the Democrats look best positioned to pick up Senate seats than he is in Alabama,” the analyst writes. “In fact, he is ahead in all five of those states, save maybe Iowa where different polling averages disagree on who the leader is. All told, with maybe the exception of Iowa, every single state where Biden is leading also has the Democratic Senate candidate ahead.”

McConnell has been sitting on hundreds of bills passed by the house in what he calls his “legislative graveyard.” And even worse, he’s enabled the most dangerous president in history.

You can read the full report here.

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