Another Texas Republican Reportedly Fled Ice Storm On His Private Jet And Went To Florida

I'm starting to see a pattern here.

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Texas State Rep. Gary Gates is now the second Republican to bail out on his constituents as they struggled without water and power, the Houston Chronicle reports. While Sen. Ted Cruz high-tailed it out of Texas for sunny Cancun, Mexico, Gates left his home via his private jet on Wednesday night and traveled to Orlando, Florida. It’s just not a good look, so outrage ensued.

“It really would have been nice to have a state representative helping on the ground, working at a warming center, packing food, etc. rather than immediately (flying) off on a private plane when the going got tough,” said Brian Walz, one of Gates’ constituents, according to the outlet. “My neighbors didn’t get to do that when her pipe burst.”

Gates, for his part, provided an explanation for taking off to Florida amid a historic crisis. Gates said that his pipes burst, and 30 percent of his home was flooded, leaving his wife, who has been ill for two weeks, and special needs daughter at risk.


“My wife is still recovering from an illness she has been battling for two weeks, and the room of my adult daughter, who is mentally handicapped and still lives with us, flooded,” Gates said.

Gates added that by Wednesday morning, mold had set in. So, he wanted to stay with one of his daughters, but he said that she lost power, too, so he went to Florida.

Jinkies, I had no idea that mold surfaced that quickly. As for Gates’ excuse, he could have sent his wife and daughter to Florida while the Texas Republican stayed behind to help his constituents. And I’m not the only one that isn’t buying Gates’ story, apparently.

“The chastisement of Gates is similar to that of Sen. Ted Cruz, who was seen boarding a flight for Cancun on Thursday,” the Houston Chronicle wrote. “His critics pointed out the similarities as well. ‘I guess Gates took Senator Cruz’s lead,’ one Facebook user wrote.”

Gates really should fix that mold in his home. It sounds like it spreads super-fast — like, overnight. And I get him wanting to keep his wife and daughter safe, but he didn’t need to be there, too. That’s some terrible optics, Gary.

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