Arnold Schwarzenegger Torches Trump In His Own Commencement Address, Holds Up Fake Trump University Degree

This is amazing.

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Whether you have a graduate at home, high school or college or even someone proudly moving up from the 8th grade, or no kids at all, or even grown kids long gone from the nest, it was hard to miss this year’s crop of commencement addresses because of the special circumstances behind this year’s graduations.

In most cases, there are no caps and gowns, and definitely no giant school gymnasiums filled with sweating, bored grandparents being forced to listen to the valedictorian go on and on about the senior trip that got canceled, no quasi-celebrities showing up at the Ivies or the tech schools to awe and amaze the students finally getting on with shouldering their new lifelong loan debt.

Instead, if you’re like millions of others — and Donald Trump, who no doubt spite-watched watched the event — you were glued to the tube for at least the Obama portion of the virtual graduation called “Graduate Together,” which was like a variety show of music, comedy, inspirational speaking, and of course the former president’s commencement address for the thousands and thousands of would-be grads across America.


But another famous former executive — once known as the “Governator” — has become known for his motivational speeches since leaving office as well, and he delivered one with a taste of his own comedy in it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger teamed up with media company ATTN: to produce a commencement speech, and it was full of the kind of witticisms that Ahnold made famous in his career as an actor. But one segment of his speech stood out. Although the Instagram post Schwarzenegger did of the speech was around 12 minutes long, we found ourselves drawn to about a 45-second snippet of it in which he told students that graduation isn’t about their diplomas and degrees, it’s about “the journey” that got them to that point.

We couldn’t agree more — but the prop Arnie used to punctuate his statement was an absolute classic. Watch for yourself:

You saw that right, he held up a bogus degree from Trump University, the scam college founded by Trump that was shut down by a federal judge a decade ago after defrauding thousands of students out of millions of dollars in fees and tuition.

Trump settled that suit just two years ago and wound up paying the plaintiffs who sued him about $25 million in refunded costs and restitution.

Leave it to Arnold to “terminate” what might have otherwise been an enjoyable afternoon for Donald Trump.

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