As Americans Continue To Struggle, Ivanka Is Seen Walking The White House Lawn In 4-Inch Shoes And Her Reported $1,600 Dress

Nepotism Barbie is at it again.

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While Ivanka Trump is currently soaking up her fifteen minutes of fame as an official advisor in her daddy’s presidential cabinet — going around doing all sort of government that she has no authority, experience, or business doing in the first place — we can’t forget that Princess Nepotism got her start in the fashion industry.

With daddy’s fake money backing her up, Ivanka built her own fashion brand, using Chinese sweatshops and her uncanny ability to fake a Gucci stitch, to make a name for herself in the world of fashion.

And folks, don’t think for a second that she’s not reminding us all at every opportunity that she came from dirty money and shady business long before she ever started living it up in the White House.


Her most recent stroll across the White House lawn, with hubby Jared Kushner in tow, was proof of just that.

Sunday, the First Daughter and her husband arrived back at the White House after a weekend away, and Ivanka seemed to be going the extra mile to remind the American public that she’s a rich snob, living it up on the taxpayer’s dime, while the rest of us down here in the real world are just lowly peasants beneath her.

Ivanka strolled across the lawn in a poppy-print midi dress from Altuzarra’s spring 2019 collection that originally retailed for a staggering $1,600.

She paired the expensive dress with a pair of equally expensive Gianvito Rossi’s Portofino sandals, featuring a 4-inch stiletto heel and an $815 price tag.

Image via Ivanka Trump/Instagram

Ivanka seemed to be accessorizing with a white lace face mask over face coverings in the midst of a literal pandemic while Jared strolled alongside her sans mask.

At this point, it really comes as no surprise that Ivanka Trump is still stocking her closest with expensive duds. However, now that she’s on the federal payroll, it does make you wonder just how much of our tax money went to buying that ridiculous outfit.

Featured image via Senior Airman Kyle Brooks

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