As Impeachment Vote Is Tallied, Protester Interrupts Trump During His Rally And Flips Him Off As She’s Escorted Out

She held nothing back!

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By the time this goes to press, the House of Representatives is will have wrapped up their vote on the formal impeachment of Donald Trump as we speak. In just a matter of moments now, Trump will officially and forever be an impeached president. Regardless of what the Senate does once the ball is in their court, that stain on his name and reputation will go down in history from this point forward.

And what’s Donald doing as the votes are tallied and continue to stack up against him?

He’s holding a MAGA rally in Battle Creek, Michigan — effectively firing up his base to act just as insane and unhinged as he will once the final vote is thrown in his face.


In the midst of his shindig, one woman bravely faced the band of deranged deplorables to remind Trump that outside of his little safe space arenas full of a few hundred fuckwits with the collective IQ of a shoe size he’s still just as hated as he’s always been and outside the walls of him comfy, confined rally the majority of the rest of the nation is partying their asses off — cause Donald Trump is finally impeached.

Mid-Trump-ramble, one woman in the stands unfurled a particularly large banner reading “DON THE CON. YOU’RE FIRED.”

Of course, she was promptly escorted out of the MAGA safe space as the crowd of Trump loyalists booed, while Donnie stood on the stage and called the woman “a slob” and “disgusting” and complained that the security detail who walked her out didn’t rough her up a bit before they tossed her out on her ass to “mommy.”

But Trump’s tantrum did nothing to stop the unidentified woman from giving Trump and his crowd of brainwashed cronies the ol’ “two-finger salute” as she walked out of the arena clearly screaming, “F*CK YOU!” — which, of course, hurt Donnie’s little tender feelings bad enough that he had to make a comment about her use of the “bad” fingers.

However, I can promise him this much — that bird didn’t sting near as bad as that impeachment will.

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