As Reporters And Members Of The Media Get Harassed By Police During Protests, Trump Doubles Down On The Press: They’re Trying To “Foment Hatred and Anarchy”

"Me, me, me, me, me!"

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Cities across the United States are burning, more than one hundred and five thousand Americans are dead from the COVID-19 pandemic, and upwards of forty million are out of work, so President Donald Trump sprang into action by blaming the “FAKE NEWS” of trying to foment “hatred and anarchy” amid the ongoing protests and riots around the country. Journalists are being harassed and in one case, one was blinded in one eye after being hit with a rubber bullet.

CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta suffered damage to the front of the building and inside. Reporters from various networks, including Fox News, have been targeted with harassment. People have taken to the streets following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis by police officers. Journalists have been assaulted and attacked and even arrested as they’ve tried to cover the news while on the front lines.

Knowing all this, Trump lashed out at the media yet again like a petulant child.


While reports have come out that White Supremacists and the Proud Boys have been infiltrating and provoking violence at the protests, Donald Trump took to Twitter to announce that the U.S. will “be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization.”

Up is down. Water is dry. Corruption is integrity. This is the world Donald wants us to live in as chaos erupts across America. This guy gets off on this shit. Trump lives for chaos, drama, and fighting. Meanwhile, we need a leader who can unite us instead of dividing us. Donald J. Trump is incapable of doing that, especially amid the national crisis.

We need someone who won’t make everything single thing about him, and someone who will keep this country safe. Get your shit together, Donald, or resign.

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