As Reports Indicated Manhattan Investigation Into Trump Organization Was Stalled, The District Attorney Just Dropped A Stunning Announcement That’s Going To Send Trump Reeling — The Criminal Probe Is Still Going Strong

I hope Trump hadn't started celebrating yet!

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Over the last several weeks, Americans have been left freaking out while Donald Trump undoubtedly celebrated as multiple reports indicated that the Manhattan District Attorney’s investigation into the ex-president and his family company, the Trump Organization, had completely stalled out — with two key prosecutors on the case allegedly resigning over the new District Attorney’s apparent inaction on the case.

But Trump better hope he didn’t break out the party hats and balloons just yet, as Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg just dropped a bombshell announcement that’s pretty much guaranteed to send the former guy positively reeling — his offices’ investigation into both Donald Trump and his family’s company is still going strong.

“In recent weeks, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has been repeatedly asked whether our investigation concerning former President Donald J. Trump, the Trump Organization, and its leadership is continuing,” Attorney General Bragg’s statement to Bloomberg today read. “It is.”

This announcement comes on the heels of the resignation of two top, key prosecutors on the Manhattan DA’s case against the ex-president and the Trump Organization, both of which alleged in their resignation letters that the investigation had stalled out.

Both Mark Pomerantz, who was heading the investigation into Donald Trump’s finances, as well as Carey Dunne — both of whom served as lead prosecutors on the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office’s case — turned in their resignation letters on February 23rd. Both men cited a severe stall in the investigation, with Pomerantz’s letter noting that his decision to leave the investigation stemmed from the new Attorney General’s alleged decision to not move ahead with the prosecution of the ex-president.

In his letter, Pomerantz noted that this decision was “contrary to the public interest.”

“The team that has been investigating Mr. Trump harbors no doubt about whether he committed crimes — he did,” Pomerantz penned.

A report from the New York Times claims the former lead prosecutor told aides that the case would only be able to move forward if new evidence came to light, or a top insider was to turn on Trump.

“No events are likely to occur that will alter the nature of the case… There are always additional facts to be pursued,” he wrote, but added that a decision to not prosecute Trump “will doom any future prospects that Mr. Trump will be prosecuted for the criminal conduct we have been investigating.”

Attorney General Bragg, however, denied these claims in his new statement.

“It’s open, it’s active, we have a great team in place of dedicated career prosecutors working every day,” Bragg told Bloomberg today. “We’re exploring evidence that’s not been previously explored. We will leave no stone unturned.”

Donald Trump has not yet been charged with any crimes in any of the investigations against him and continues to describe the Manhattan DA’s probe as a political witch hunt headed by a spiteful Democrat, much like he does every single thing else.

You can read Bragg’s full statement from Bloomberg here.

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