As Ted Cruz Tells Reporter It “Was Obviously A Mistake” To Go To Cancun, Shouts Of “Resign” From Protestors Can Be Heard In The Background

Resigning would be a good idea, Ted.

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was greeted with shouts of “resign” outside his Houston home after the senator returned from Cancun, Mexico, amid the deadly cold blast that has hammered the South. Top Republicans are under fire in the state over their response to the weather emergency, with Ted Cruz leading the pack. Deregulations and officials leaving the state’s grid left vulnerable for years put Texas on a deadly course. Millions of Texans have been left without power, so Cruz decided to go to sunny Cancun with his family while his constituents were suffering under incredible circumstances.

And, of course, Cruz blamed his daughters.

“Look, it was obviously a mistake,” Cruz said. “In hindsight, I wouldn’t have done it. I was trying to be a dad. And all of us have made decisions when you’ve got two girls who have been cold for two days and haven’t had heat or power, and they’re saying, ‘Hey look, we don’t have school, why don’t we go, let’s get out of here.’ I think there are a lot of parents that would be like, ‘If I can do this, great.’ That’s what I wanted to do.”


“Really from the moment I sat on the plane, I began really second-guessing that decision and saying ‘look, I know why we’re doing this, but I’ve also got responsibilities,'” Cruz continued. “And it had been in my intention to be able to work remotely, to be on the phone, to be on the internet, to be on Zoom, to be engaged. But I needed to be here. And that’s why I came back.”

Cruz went on to say that he hopes that “all the screaming and yelling about this trip” does not cause a distraction from his goal of “keeping all our families safe,” and I don’t even know what to make of that hypocritical statement.  At any rate, as Cruz was speaking, protesters could be heard chanting in the background with calls for him to resign.


Cruz’s decision to go to Cancun while his state is under an emergency just displays how tone-deaf the Texas Republican is — and even he admitted to that in the clip.

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