As Trump Botched Coronavirus Response, His Ex-Wife Reportedly Sent Her Former Husband’s Administration Tips On How To Better Handle Pandemic

Well, that's gotta be embarrassing.

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It’s certainly no big secret that Donald Trump has made a complete and utter mess out of his coronavirus response. Literally, the guy has screwed up every single opportunity he’s had to get a handle on this thing. And frankly, there have been many. And at this point, everyone knows that he’s screwed this thing up big time — including his ex-wife.

In an effort to try to get a handle on this mess before the entire nation goes completely to hell, Donald Trump’s administration put their feelers out for some assistance in ways to combat this fatal virus, ultimately asking for ideas from various industry leaders, doctors who are friends of the family, foreign officials, freshly graduated consultants, cable TV personalities, and even an email tipline in hopes that someone, anyone can give them an inkling of an idea on how to deal with this disaster.

And according to a report from The Daily Beast, none other than Marla Maples, Donald Trump’s second wife, has been making use of that tipline.


Over the course of this catastrophe, Maples has reportedly stayed in touch with friends and advisors who have offered her tips and advice on ways to handle the explosive pandemic. And evidently, she’s been utilizing the Trump administration’s email line to pass those suggestions up to her ex-husband’s White House, according to two White House advisors who spoke with The Beast.

So far it’s unclear if any of Trump’s ex-wife’s tips or suggestions have made it to the top of the chain and onto Donald’s desk and the details of the tips offered by Maples are still unknown.

However, one insider said that they first discovered Trump’s former wife’s suggestions when her name popped up in “COVID Mail,” the tip line that’s monitored by a small circle of Trump officials.

“[Marla] is one of many Americans trying to be helpful in these tough times,” the second Trump administration official who spoke with The Daily Beast said. “Absolutely nothing wrong with that.”

So far, we have no idea what Trump thinks of his ex-wife’s suggestions on how to better deal with the pandemic that’s effectively, but knowing Donald Trump, I’d venture to say his pride is pretty sore right about now.

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You can read the full report here.

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