As Trump Brags About Being A “Hard Worker” On Twitter, His Schedule Shows He Had Only One Phone Call All Weekend

Yea. We know better, dude.

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Folks, there is a hell of a lot going on in this world right now. Trying to wade through the muck and the yuck that was Trump’s America before now was bad enough in and of itself. But now we have a literal global pandemic on our hands and thanks to Trump’s late and frankly lackluster response to the virus, the United States is sitting in the top spot in the world of infected individuals and our death toll continues to rise with each passing day.

Seriously, it’s a mess.

And what’s the “leader” of this nation doing about?


Nothing. That’s what.

Again, Trump’s response to this entire mess has been uninspiring, at best. But now that he’s undoubtedly pouty over his botched makeshift MAGA rallies, as the reception to his Coronavirus Task Force briefings continues to tank, his schedule shows that he’s literally not doing shit.

For the entire weekend, Trump had one measly phone call with “Catholic Leaders and Educators.”

Now that he’s no longer conducting those useless daily press briefings, I can only imagine he’s filling his days by rage-watching TV and getting all shouty when the “fake news” media tells the truth about him.

However, the fact that his PUBLIC schedule shows that he’s literally doing nothing all weekend doesn’t seem to staunch the influx of self-absorbed tweets claiming he’s the best president to ever president in the history of all presidents.

Because that’s just how he rolls.

In a series of unhinged tweets, no doubt a result of too much Adderall and Diet Coke as he’s trapped in the White House with his wife who’s officially too old for him now, Trump patted himself on the back in an angry rant against us folks who think he’s nothing more than a lazy, blowhard, reality TV wash up:

Honestly, Donald, you should think about having your schedule made private before you spew about all that hard work you’re supposedly up to.

Enjoy your ketchup-covered steak and diet coke/Adderall martini, dude.

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