As Trump Team Questioned Biden’s Mental Acuity For Talking About A Loud Train Going By During An Event, The President Gets Distracted By An Airplane During His Iowa Rally

The guy is literally an insult to children.

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There’s certainly no denying that Donald Trump and his campaign team of idiots and jackasses are absolutely grasping at straws with November’s elections just 20 short days away and every reputable poll from Rasmussen to Fox News and everything in between has The Donald projected at a pretty embarrassing loss to the former Vice President and Democratic nominee, Joe Biden.

Of course, Trump’s desperation isn’t new, by any means. The guy literally got himself impeached over the whole Ukraine deal. However, it’s most definitely getting worse and much messier with each passing day. Anymore, it seems that Donnie and his cronies pick a handful of the worst possible things they see in Trump and just project the hell out of it onto Biden.

Tonight’s ridiculous MAGA rally was a perfect example of exactly what I’m talking about.


Just a couple of weeks ago, the Trump campaign made quite the ordeal out of poking fun at Biden for noticing a loud train during one of his public speaking events. Literally, they ran social media posts about it:

However, lo and behold, during tonight’s KKK MAGA rally Trump found himself rather distracted by an airplane flying over. Despite the fact that you’d think he wouldn’t so nonplussed, considering the event was literally at an airport. 

But, I digress.

After calling Biden’s mental acuity into question just a couple of weeks ago because he noticed a train, Trump’s own not-so-inner two-year-old kicked in as a plane fly overhead, causing the President to crane his head and declare, “That sounds good!”

“That’s a brand new F-35 fighter jet!” he added. “You can’t see it. They say it’s the greatest plane in the world.”

Biden paused his speech for an extremely loud train. Trump pulled the equivalent of “Look, mom! It’s a plane!”

Not the same.

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