Ashley Biden Appears To Take A Dig At Ivanka: “I Will Not Have A Job In The Administration”

Wow, someone with empathy and character.

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It’s almost time: we have one day left until Donald Trump and his family vacate the White House, ending the nepotistic administration that has felt downright abusive to most Americans. Ivanka Trump appeared to want to get into politics after her father’s reign of terror ends, but that doesn’t look likely after Donald’s unsavory supporters stormed the Capitol, resulting in deaths, destruction, chaos, leaving this country appalled. Some Trump supporters even spread their feces along the Capitol hallways, and the images of white nationalists hunting down elected officials will forever be ingrained in our memories.

Ivanka Trump has not contributed to the well being of this country. She is complicit in her father’s misdeeds that have harmed this country to the bone. Over four hundred thousand Americans have died from COVID-19, the disease her father failed to act on when he first learned of the looming threat.

But now, we’ll experience an abrupt and welcomed change with the Biden administration. During a wide-ranging interview on the Today Show, the incoming President’s daughter, Ashley Biden, said, “Dad is so empathetic and has the ability to recognize pain… and to comfort.” And that’s one of the reasons so many of us voted for Joe Biden. Ivanka, with her vacuous smile, will be gone. And Ashley Biden said during the interview that she will not be a part of her father’s administration. She also said that she doesn’t have public social media accounts. So, the days of Trump’s spawn playing the part of a tag team to back up their father’s cruel and malicious tweets are over.


As for the attack on our Capitol on January 6th, she told Jenna Bush Hager, “I was deeply saddened that this was a place I grew up going as a child, as you did, too… it was truly horrifying.”

In response to the tacky snub from Donald and Melania Trump, she said, “No, I don’t think they’re doing the traditional protocol, which is unfortunate, but I think we’re all OK with it.”


Just one more day, y’all. We’re almost there.

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