At Arizona “Cops For Trump” Event, Mike Pence Tells Crowd “We’ll Make America Great Again, Again”

You just can't make this stuff up.

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It’s hard to imagine someone even more vacuous and empty-headed than Donald Trump, I know. It’s even harder to imagine someone who, unlike Trump, has held elected office for years and is well-practiced at giving political speeches, and still manages to sound like his SAT scores are used as a warning to high school students not to smoke dope.

But that’s our current Vice President Mike Pence.

When he was the Governor of Indiana, he had an audience that was hungry for his brand of empty platitudes and references to “The Good Book,” and back during his six terms in Congress, he was widely regarded as all style and no substance. In fact, one could argue that the “character” Mike Pence is perfect for the Donald Trump Show since there’s essentially no chance he’ll ever upstage the star. He is deferent at all times, effusively praises his boss, and even acts and talks just like Trump.


EXACTLY like him.

That’s why it was so funny to watch Mike wind up his speech on Tuesday in front of Arizona law enforcement at a campaign rally — for not just the Trump/Pence ticket but for Arizona Senator Martha McSally’s long-shot reelection as well — with an attempt to sound like The Donald that sounded like gravitas to the audience he had present, but for the rest of us delivered only laughs.

Campaign speeches are an art form, for sure, and the best orators there are always close out their remarks with something inspiring and quotable and unforgettable. Something that sticks in your mind in a good way and has you repeating it all day long.

I, for one, know that I’ll never forget that time that the dumbass Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, told a crowd of cops that he intended to “make America great again, again.”

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