Author Don Winslow Claimed A Reliable Source Told Him “Mike Pence Is Balking At Giving Trump And Family A Pardon, But Could Change”

Political suicide.

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The subject of presidential pardons now that Donald Trump has lost the 2020 presidential election and his lame-duck days are ticking away has been front and center. Quite frankly, I think it’s safe to say that the majority of the world is just waiting for Donald to try to pardon himself from any wrongdoing before the protection that’s offered by the power of the presidency is no longer at his disposal.

Over the course of the past few weeks, multiple reports have indicated that Trump is also floating the idea of issuing preemptive pardons for those closest to him — such as his personal attorney and head of his election fraud fiasco legal team, Rudy Giuliani, and his eldest children who are heavily embroiled in his various schemes. (And given that Ivanka was just subjected to a deposition in connection to a lawsuit regarding the misuse of her father’s inaugural funds, it sounds like they may need it.)

To be perfectly honest, there’s just no telling who all will be receiving presidential pardons as a parting gift on Donald’s way out the door.


However, according to a new piece of information that’s making its way around social media, there’s a possibility that Trump’s right-hand man, Mike Pence, may not be as keen on the idea as his soon-to-be-ex boss seems to be.

Best-selling author Don Winslow took to his Twitter recently to share a piece of information with the public that he claims to have gotten from a reliable source who alleges that the outgoing vice president isn’t fond of the idea of handing out pardons to Trump and his family, given the resoundingly negative effect it would likely have on his own political career.

“This is absolutely subject to change,” Winslow’s tweet reads, “but a reliable source told me that @VP Mike Pence (right now, today) is balking at giving Trump and family a pardon, believing that it will completely destroy his own political future. We’ll see. Could change.”

Winslow was sure to note that Pence’s alleged feelings on the subject of pardons aren’t set in stone and could very likely change in the coming days. However, in my opinion, Pence is best suited to hold strong against the idea of passing these pardons out all willy nilly. His political career is already swirling the toilet thanks largely in part to the last four years — pardoning these monsters without a second thought would only serve as the final flush.

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