Biden Prepares To Flush Trump’s Dreams Of A World With No More Low-Flow Toilets

Trump's going to have his feelings hurt.

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Even as this nation begins to heal and recover from the four years of torture that was the Trump administration, no one will soon forget that man’s obsession with toilets.

I know, it’s a hilariously pathetic thing for me to even have to type. But it’s true. The guy could barely go a full rally without going off on a long-winded rant about low-flow toilets you have to repeatedly flush and bad water pressure in the shower when he tried to wash that hair of his that no one can figure out why he’s so proud of. Trump’s obsession with the toilet/shower water “issue” was so deep, in fact, that he spearheaded efforts to loosen environmental regulations that dictate the amount of water flow for various household items and appliances.

And now, after Biden “stole” the election from him, it seems he’s also gearing up to steal away his dreams of power flushing toilets and fire hose level water pressure in the shower.


According to a new report from NBC News, President Biden’s administration recently announced the launch of a federal review of several Trump-era rules and regulations relating not only to Trump’s water pressure vendetta, but also other energy and efficiency-related issues.

Notification of the review was sent to the Office of Management and Budget by the Energy Department yesterday on the heels of Biden’s executive order that took aim at the Trump administration’s lack of competency regarding energy and environmental issues, ultimately ordering all executive departments and federal agencies to conduct a review on all Trump-era regulations that do not fall in line with his plan of action on climate change.

Acting Undersecretary for Science and Energy, Kathleen Hogan, said in a statement, “By reviewing these rules and regulations, the Department of Energy will determine whether policy changes are necessary to lower Americans’ energy bills, create manufacturing jobs in the U.S., and cut down on polluting carbon emissions.”

Frankly, the fact that we’re even having to discuss something as silly as the rate at which toilet water flows is ridiculous. But then again, so was the entire Trump presidency.

You can read the full report from NBC here.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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