Border Patrol Chief Admitted During Press Conference That Zero New Miles Of Border Wall Have Been Built, Contrary To Trump’s Claims

You're never supposed to admit this out loud!

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One of the most contentious ongoing claims of the Trump administration and the President himself — echoed in fundraiser speeches, campaign rallies, and innumerable tweets — is that the border wall that he ran on in 2016 is “already being built” or that much of it already has been built. The latter is a claim that Trump has made on many occasions, despite never having proof of anything like that, and despite in fact being proven wrong over and over.

The problem is, every facet of the Trump administration is in lockstep with his continuous gaslighting of the American people, and so they continue to repeat his lies while coming up with increasingly intricate “what he really meant was” excuses for the lack of proof of what he and they are saying.

That changed a bit recently, due perhaps to the inexperience of the new “acting” Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner, Mark Morgan. NBC’s Peter Alexander asked what seemed to be a relatively innocuous question about how many new miles of border wall had been built, and at first Morgan triangulated like anyone else in the administration might do — he talked about the 78 miles that are public knowledge, but were built to replace existing structures.


The NBC veteran pressed the issue, again clarifying that he meant new wall where nothing had existed previously, and Morgan once again dodged, telling Alexander “My response to that is, every mile of wall that’s being built is a new mile of wall.”

Using more restraint than I can imagine myself even remotely mustering, Alexander tried again:

No disagreement, sir. But just for a breakdown, how many miles formerly existed that have now been renovated or replaced, and how many miles new, where nothing existed?”

Morgan then admits that the 78 miles that have already been built were in replacement of existing structures, and goes on to talk about “breaking ground” in a new area where nothing existed before. “So that’s just now starting, the construction of new wall?” asks Alexander. “That’s correct,” Morgan replies.

One has to wonder if he’ll still be acting CBP Chief by the end of the day. Watch:

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