Brutal Report Claimed Trump’s Legal Team Is Looking To Make Former Chief Of Staff The Jan. 6th Fall Guy: “Mark [Meadows] Is In A Lot Of Trouble”

Did Meadows really think this wouldn't happen eventually?

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If there is one thing we know to be true about Donald J. Trump, it’s the fact that, at the end of the day, that man is loyal to absolutely no one but himself.

I truly believe the guy would throw his own wife and kids to the literal wolves if he thought it would save his own skin — and no amount of loyalty, devotion, or history between himself and another individual will do anything to change that when the chips finally begin to fall where they may — especially as the stakes get higher and higher with each passing day of the January 6th Committee investigation.

Trump has already begun to prove as much, as he begins to largely distance himself from some of his staunchest allies who played extremely large roles in his unhinged and unlawful efforts to overthrow the 2020 presidential election — most namely, his own former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows who, according to members of the ex-president’s inner circle, Trump’s legal team has already identified as their most likely fall guy in the end.

According to bombshell reporting from Rolling Stone, the former president’s band of attorneys has already begun to map out strategies that center around the high likelihood of criminal charges against Mark Meadows, as Trump himself begins to quickly pull away from his close allies and insiders who were deeply involved in his Big Lie schemes.

One lawyer close to the scandal-ridden ex-president reportedly said, “Everyone is strategizing around the likelihood that Mark is in a lot of trouble. Everyone who knows what they’re doing, anyway.”

Two different sources with insider knowledge on the matter have reportedly confirmed that the January 6th House Select Committee has set their sights on Meadows’ sketchy financial dealings, in search of evidence that the former Trump Chief of Staff exchanged legally dubious payments with other Trump advisers who were seeking to overthrow Joe Biden’s presidential election win on Donald Trump’s behalf. According to the inside sources, Trump’s legal team fully expects that the House Panel will find what they’re looking for.

“Mark is gonna get pulverized… and it’s really sad,” one of Trump’s current legal advisors reportedly said. “Based on talking to [Meadows in the past, it felt like] he doesn’t actually believe any of this [election-theft] stuff, or at least not most of it. He was obviously just trying to perform for Trump, and now he’s maybe screwed himself completely.”

A whopping EIGHT inside sources who are still inside Trump’s political orbit and/or legal defense team have revealed to Rolling Stone that Mark Meadows was actually widely hated by other Trump veterans and officials— who all reportedly feel that Meadows is two-faced and played a large role in failing to get the COVID-19 pandemic even remotely under control during Trump’s presidential term. Now, Donald’s legal team is mapping out a plan to help protect the scandal-ridden former president, should criminal charges officially be lodged against his former Chief of Staff.

Former Trump attorney Ty Cobb said, “I do think criminal prosecutions are possible. Possible for Trump and Meadows, certainly, and for the others, including lawyers, who engaged fraudulently in formal proceedings or investigations.”

Read the full report from Rolling Stone here.

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