Chris Christie Just Reminded Us Why We Can Never Trust Him With His Possible Pick For 2024 Running Mate

Oh, dear God...

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Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has recently jumped on the “fuck Donald Trump” bandwagon, after living up the reality TV washup turned president’s ass for a solid four years while he destroyed the country from inside out.

Despite Christie’s sudden, alleged “change of heart,” we’ve known pretty much from the get-go that the man can’t be trusted. While he may be publicly trashing the former guy these days, it’s clear that most of Christie’s newfound feelings hail from nothing more than a desire for book sales and a likely stab at his own presidency come 2024. At the end of the day, it’s not hard to see that he’s still nothing more than a garbage Republican through and through.

However, if you happened to be someone who found yourself thinking, “Well, maybe he’s not too bad. Maybe he finally does see the real truth. Maybe he’s a good guy now,” take a look at this.


Christie recently sat down for an interview on Fox Business with host Maria Bartiromo, when he openly seemed to suggest that he could tag the batshit crazy Fox “personality” herself as his 2024 running mate, because she would “start disrupting things” in Washington, D.C.

During the interview, Bartiromo asked the former NJ governor if he plans to run for president again in the upcoming 2024 election.

“If I do it, it will be because I think I can win and make a contribution to the country,” Christie responded.

“There’s a report that you would run with Liz Cheney,” Bartiromo continued. “Is that something that you would consider?”

“I have no plans about running mates,” Christie responded with a laugh, “Liz Cheney or anybody else. You know, I would consider you too if you wanted to be. If you’re done with the TV gig, we get you to Washington, Maria, and then we really start disrupting things.”

So, yea. Chris Christie is still just a garbage Republican trying to throw on a donkey suit for some sales and clout. Don’t let this guy fool you.

You can watch the clip here:

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