Chris Christie Reveals Melania Called Him “Every Day” While He Was In The ICU, While Trump Only Worried About Himself

It's pretty bad when he makes Mel look like a good person.

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Ole Chris Christie has suddenly become very vocal in his criticism of the now ex-president that he used to diligently support. And while we’re certainly not impressed with his sudden change of heart now that the worst part is over, we have to admit that he’s come off with a few revelations that have caused us to do a double and even triple take.

The former governor of New Jersey recently made an appearance on ABC’s The View, as part of his big media tour promoting his upcoming new book, Republican Rescue: Saving the Party From Truth Deniers, Conspiracy Theorists, and the Dangerous Policies of Joe Biden, where he claimed that the priorities of the former President and First Lady were staggeringly different. Ultimately, the bulk of the conversation on the popular daytime talk show ended up revolving around Christie’s very public break from Donald Trump (now that it’s too little, too late) and his apparent hope that the GOP will be able to move forward without the ex-president serving as their poster child.

In the course of the former Trump ally’s appearance, View host Sunny Hostin questioned Christie about the section of his book that details the time he spent in the IVU after contracting COVID-19. Christie revealed that Donald did, in fact, call him during his hospital stay, but it wasn’t with good intentions. Rather, the then-President was extremely concerned over whether Christie was going to publicly blame him for the “super spreader” event where Christie and Trump both ultimately caught the virus:

After asking how I was feeling and going through that and a couple of things about how do tough guys like us get this and all that, he then said ‘How do you think you got it?’ I said, ‘I don’t know how exactly. There were seven of us in the room, and six of the seven of us got it. I don’t know how I got it, but I got it in that room’…That got to the next question, which he said to me ‘You’re not going to blame me, are you?’ And I said, ‘Well, I won’t because I don’t know if you gave it to me. It could’ve been Hope, it could’ve been Bill, it could’ve been Kellyanne.’ I don’t know who it was, but what he was most concerned about was that I wasn’t going to blame him.”

However, surprisingly enough really, Christie goes on to claim that Melania was a completely different story. The former New Jersey governor said that the then-First Lady “called me every day that I was in the ICU, first thing in the morning, to see how I was doing. And then would call my wife after that to see if she needed anything.”

“A real contrast between the couple,” Christie asserted.

I’ve gotta say, it’s really saying something when Trump’s behavior is so bad, it makes Melania look like a good person.

You can watch a clip of Christie’s appearance from Mediaite here.

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