CNN Anchor Says It’s Time To Stop Giving “Delusional” Trump Supporters Airtime

She has a point.

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CNN host Alisyn Camerota has had it and penned an op-ed to say that she’s done with delusional Trump supporters. Well, maybe the network should stop giving airtime to Rick Santorum then. Camerota pointed to the violent insurrection and said that the time for listening to “delusional” Trump supporters is over.

“Now, at the end of Trump’s term and after the deadly Capitol insurrection, I think the time for listening to present-day Trump supporters is over,” she wrote in a new CNN op-ed published Friday. “There is nothing that anyone in this destructive and delusional group can teach the rest of us about being open-minded and tolerant.”

She has had it.


“The cries from right-wing politicians telling us we need to hear the feelings of Trump supporters are wearing thin, as is the idea that the mob at the Capitol was somehow “silenced” or “censored” for too long,” she said. ‘In the hour before the deadly insurrection last Wednesday, President Trump told his supporters, “Make your voices heard.” Later, after they’d trashed the seat of American democracy, he told them he loved them and that they were “very special.”‘

Camerota pointed out “the guy dressed up in the badger pelt, horns and face paint” that authorities have described him as “a prominent QAnon crackpot and longtime Trump supporter.” She noted that “He was taken into custody on Saturday, charged with violent entry into the Capitol. I’m hard-pressed to see what this malign Minotaur has to teach the rest of us.”

The CNN host pointed out other Trump supporters that took over the Capitol, such as the man seen in photos with his feet on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s desk. And “the guy from Florida who decided to help himself to the Speaker’s lectern.”

“The mob that descended on the Capitol had their chance to have a say last Wednesday. Hundreds of journalists with cameras were positioned along the protest route to capture the rioters’ feelings and anger,” she continued. “But instead of speaking out peacefully, the crowd turned to violence: They broke windows, scaled walls, carried a Confederate flag into the Capitol Rotunda, defecated in the halls of the Capitol, killed a police officer, savagely beat another one with a pole holding an American flag and crushed yet another officer in a door while he screamed for help.”


She’s not wrong. Trump supporters will go down is in history as Donald Trump’s Squeaky Fromme. There is no reaching out to Trump’s base if they refuse to come back to reality.

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