CNN Reporter Says Marjorie Taylor Greene And Liz Cheney Got Into A Cat Fight On House Floor, Cheney Fired Back With Humiliating Response

I would be so embarrassed.

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As if today hasn’t been crazy enough on the House floor — what with ole Jim Jordan making a complete ass out of himself over a video and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler being forced to call out numerous Republicans by name for refusing to follow guidelines and wear their masks — it seems it just got a little crazier still as one CNN report claims there was a bit of a cat fight between Marjorie Taylor Greene and Liz Cheney on the House floor today.

CNN Congressional reporter Melanie Zanona took to Twitter today, reporting that there was “a little drama” on the House floor earlier this afternoon between the GOP’s biggest embarrassment, Georgia Senator Marjorie Taylor Greene, and the one they love to hate the most, Wyoming’s House Representative Lize Cheney.

According to the reporting, Greene (in true Greene fashion) confronted Cheney for no other apparent reason than to call her a “joke.” But not only was Liz evidently unscathed by Marjorie’s petty insult, she fired back at the Georgia basketcase with her own insult that, if I were Greene, would be brutally humiliating.


The tweet claims that Cheney responded to MTG by saying that she was a joke, before proceeding to ask “didn’t she need to be focusing on her anti-Semitic space lasers,” according to Zonona’s tweet, per sources familiar with the altercation.

Greene allegedly responded by screaming out, “I never said that!”

You best believe, Twitter is reveling in it:

Isn’t it about time for MTG to just go away yet?

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