CNN Reporter Tore Into Donald Trump For The Way He Treats Women At His Press Briefings: “It’s Important To Call It Out”

He's an absolute pig.

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It’s been a long three years, thanks in no small part to the fact that America is in an abusive relationship with Donald Trump. Think about it, all the signs are there: We know he lies to us all the time, we know he cheats on us with other countries, he treats us terribly when we’re feeling bad, and worst of all, he’s the biggest gaslighter the planet has ever known.

Frankly, I hope one day we have a restraining order against this asshole.

But it’s not just Lady Liberty that he treats like garbage. You can actually chalk up finding out that he abuses America in the “we should have known” column from the way we knew before he was elected that he treated women.


We all know, however, that Trump can no longer publicly humiliate women like he used to, telling them they eat too much, that they wouldn’t have their jobs if they weren’t pretty, or giving them unwanted compliments on body parts they’d rather he wasn’t leering at — all things we’ve seen him do on video.

He can’t anymore not because he’s married — I can’t imagine he cares in the slightest about that, from the way he paid off not one but TWO adult entertainment professionals to keep quiet about his affairs with them after he’d already had a son with his latest bride — but because he is constantly in the limelight, and this appears to have been one of the earliest and only bad habits his handlers were able to address.

So now? Trump takes his hatred of women out on female reporters.

Again, we’ve all seen it on national television. Finally, one CNN reporter who’s been at this job for years and years got sick of it and called him out, live on air.

Dana Bash was doing a remote segment with fellow anchor Wolf Blitzer when she took a little detour into the topic after having seen Trump mistreat CBS’ Weijia Jiang once again in not just a sexist and condescending attack, but a racist one as well, bullying her over her Asian heritage and patronizingly telling her to keep her voice down.

Dana wasn’t having it.


Honestly, I would like to see the male reporters at these briefings do something proactive about the way Trump treats their women colleagues — defer back to them after Trump dismisses their questions or ask the President why he won’t give any of the female reporters a straight answer.

One day, maybe.

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