CNN Reports Melania Trump Didn’t Even Write Her Own Thank You Notes To White House Staff

Honestly doesn't surprise me a bit.

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The Trump administration has spit in the face of essentially every long-standing and time-honored tradition that pertains to our nation’s democracy and presidency, and it seems the thank you cards they left behind were no exception.

According to a new report from CNN, now-ex First Lady Melania Trump didn’t even pen her own thank you cards to the White House staff that has served her hand over foot for the last four years, says two sources familiar with the notes of gratitude that the former First Lady’s handling of them.

The CNN report claims that the eighty-plus staff members who received the typed thank you notes were under the assumption that Melania has handled and written them herself. However, it now seems that the former FLOTUS tasked a lower-level East Wing staffer with the pesky job, instructing them to write the thank you notes “in her voice” and then she signed them.


Over the course of the past few weeks, several different reports have noted, from sources close to Melania, that she was “checked out,” that she “just wants to go home,” and is “not sad to be leaving” the White House in the wake of her husband’s loss.

One of the sources that spoke with CNN regarding the thank you notes says that it’s customary for First Ladies, and sometimes even the President, to pen short notes of gratitude to the staff that has served them throughout their term, oftentimes featuring personal anecdotes that the staff members regard as “cherished keepsakes.”

Typically speaking, staff members such as butlers, cooks, housekeepers, ushers, and maintenance personnel typically do not turn over with each incoming administration, and some of them have been employed at the White House for a decade or more.

With all that being said, it really and truly is no wonder that Melania Trump is leaving her time in the White House with the most unfavorable approval rating in her tenure.

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