CNN Reports Trump Is Flat-Out Ignoring Legal Advice To Stop Running His Mouth To Former Aides As His Attorneys Try To Warn Him That Indictments Could Be Looming

He's digging his own hole at this point.

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According to new reporting out from CNN, former President Donald Trump seemingly continues to just dig his own hole that much deeper, as he reportedly continues to flat-out ignore repeated advice from his legal team to shut up and quit speaking with his former aides — namely including his ex-Chief of Staff Mark Meadows — despite the fact that his lawyers have repeatedly tried to warn him that indictments are now likely looming from the DOJ.

The US Department of Justice has been investigating the January 6th Capitol attack for some time now, but only recently truly turned its attention to the former president, with recent reports indicating that there have officially been the first known communications between DOJ officials and Donald Trump’s legal team.

As the investigation gains serious steam, CNN reports that Trump’s legal team has been heavily advising him to stop talking to his current and former aides, most specifically Mark Meadows, whose former aide Cassidy Hutchinson recently delivered explosive testimony to the Committee during a public hearing.

An inside source told CNN that Trump and Meadows still regularly communicate, in spite of the legal advice, though another source stated that their relationship is “not the same as it once was.”

In a statement given to CNN, a Trump spokesperson said, “There is clearly a concerted effort to undermine the vital, Constitutionally-rooted Executive and Attorney-Client Privileges through partisan, political persecution. How can any future President ever have private conversations with his attorneys, counselors, and other senior advisors if any such advisor is forced, either during or after the Presidency, in front of an Unselect Committee or other entity, and be forced to reveal those privileged, confidential discussions?”

“President Trump will not be deterred by witch hunts or kangaroo courts from continuing to defend and fight for America, our Constitution, and the Truth,” the spokesperson added.

Meanwhile, CNN also reports that Trump’s legal team is desperately trying to warn the former president that this Justice Department investigation is no joke — indictments could be coming down the pike at any moment.

It seems at this point that we can all but sit back and wait for Donald Trump to bury himself for us.

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