CNN Said Chances Ivanka Could Be President Are Much Higher Than People Think And It’s Quite Terrifying

This is not just a no. It's a hell no.

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As scary as the thought may be, CNN has said that Ivanka Trump could end up being the first female president, and people are already having nightmares just thinking about it.

It’s 2020, and not only is a woman still not president, a woman will not be the nominee of either major party either, meaning America will have to wait at least another four years before that final glass ceiling is shattered.

But who will be the woman to smash it?


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton couldn’t do it in 2016. And despite a field stocked with many of the most powerful female lawmakers, including Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), the Democratic Party is poised to nominate another old white guy.

Unfortunately, a CNN writer had an opinion on the subject, and she argued that Ivanka Trump is the most likely woman to become president because her father is the current president and will inherit his supporters. Either her or another woman who is politically connected.

“Will there be a female president in my lifetime? Will there ever be a female president?” Allison Jane Smith began. “If there is, it’s likely to be Ivanka Trump, if she’d like to be, or another well-connected woman from a different political dynasty. This isn’t news Democrats will love, but it’s the most likely scenario.”

Smith pointed out that female lawmakers are more likely to have a family political connection than men, and noted all the female world leaders who have followed a male family member to power.

This dynasty effect is strong. Argentina, Myanmar and Thailand are among the countries where women have followed in the footsteps of a male relative to become head of state. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was Argentina’s first lady before she was its president. Aung San Suu Kyi’s father is considered the father of modern Myanmar. Yingluck Shinawatra, who became Thailand’s first female prime minister in 2011, is the sister of a former prime minister.”

Ivanka is apparently already being groomed to run for president, albeit because of nepotism.

President Donald Trump immediately installed his daughter in the White House and she often travels with him to places around the world and attends conferences such as the G20, NATO, and Davos.

And because she is complicit in her father’s agenda, conservatives will likely get behind her as well, even if it’s just to “own the libs.”

Her allegiance is to her father — and the Trump Republican dynasty. And with the GOP’s willingness to rally around anything Donald Trump says or does, it looks like Ivanka is the one most likely to take up the mantle.”

Twitter users are not so keen on the idea and ripped CNN for publishing what could be the seed of an Ivanka presidential run.

Frankly, one Trump is enough. Too much, in fact. But Americans have to remember that many believed Trump could not be elected as well, so writing Ivanka off and not taking her potential run seriously would be a mistake. If we really don’t want a Trump dynasty to rule our country for decades, we must make sure that we continue fielding superior candidates and vote for them as if our lives depend on it.

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