Cohen’s Lawyer Just Revealed To Rachel Maddow That Cohen Has More Dirt On Trump Besides Tower Meeting And Is Willing To Share With Mueller

This could be the biggest news of the whole day.

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Lanny Davis, the former lawyer for President Bill Clinton during the period of his tenure in which he faced impeachment hearings in the House of Representatives, has a new job now, and it’s a little bit ironic: He’s the chief counsel for Michael Cohen, the former lawyer to the current President, and he’s the reason that Trump might face impeachment hearings of his own.

How has Lanny Davis accomplished that? Well, he turned out to be the only person on the planet who could give up his ridiculous loyalty to Donald Trump, even after what turned out to be a wildly successful raid of Cohen’s home and offices by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Cohen very publicly denounced the idea that he ever would have “flipped” on Trump or betrayed him in any way.

But Davis didn’t just get Cohen to give up the notion of protecting Trump. He actually convinced the longtime fixer and close personal friend of Trump to embrace his duty to America and finally give up the goods entirely.


Appearing on the Rachel Maddow Show today, on a day when Trump made history as the first President in American history to be credibly indicated as a conspirator in an actual federal crime, Lanny Davis told the host that his client not only had even more information than what he exposed in open court today — including information about what and when Donald Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting AND Russian computer crimes being committed in America — but that he would be “more than happy” to share 100 percent of that knowledge with Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel team.

Let’s repeat that: Michael Cohen knows exactly what Mueller will be interested in regarding the Russia investigation and is ready to spill.

That just might be the biggest news of the day. Watch the clip here:

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