Conservatives Appeared To Find New Target In Kamala Harris’ Step-Daughter, Furious That Ella Emhoff Has A Modeling Contract When “Melania Can’t Get On A Cover”

Pathetic isn't even the word for this.

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If there is one thing I’ve learned about Conservatives over the last few years, it’s the fact that they literally cannot bear to not have a target to set their sights on. Over the years, they have zeroed in on everyone from the Clintons to the Obamas, the LGBTQ+ community to people of color. But they have never gone long without someone to pick on.

However, after losing what little bit of credibility they had thanks to Donald Trump’s final days in office and now that Biden has soared above and beyond all expectations, they’re seemingly running out of people and places to air out their incel grievances on. So, as of lately, they’ve seemingly turned their attention to appearances. In the past few weeks, the Right has gone after Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki’s makeup compared to Kayleigh McEnany’s, pitched a fit over First Lady Jill Biden’s hair scrunchie, and have now pathetically honed in on Vice President Kamala Harris’ step-daughter, Ella Emhoff.

Recently, Emhoff was awarded a modeling contract with the agency IMG, and it seems Conservatives are really, truly upset about it.


A website called the Patriot Gazette (cue the massive eye roll) penned a “piece,” if that’s what you want to call in, on Ella’s contract and used a few hundred words to say they don’t get laid.

“Many will rightly claim the IMG modeling opportunity would not have presented itself for Emhoff without being the step-daughter to Vice President Kamala Harris,” the disgusting article argues. But don’t worry, it gets worse. A lot worse.

The people in the comments of the “article” were worse than the piece itself:

“What… in the ever living fu*k… is that. It’s thoroughly laughable and disgusting at the same time, that these mentally ill people are shoved into the spotlight. What a riot it will be to see this dude destroyed by the same machine that his mother’s ilk built.”

“Whatever happened to girls/women wanting to look attractive and pretty for themselves if not for someone else? Why would you show the sweaty hair under your arms and expect anyone to be attracted to you? And wearing an embroidered bra or hat went out in 1967 did ya know? Just a shame no one ever taught her how to be a lady, sure won’t learn it now.”

One comment even goes so far as to refer to Ella as a “Ho, just like mom.”

The pathetic article gained enough traction to be picked up by a check-mark Twitter account belonging to Brigitte Gabriel, who wrote, “Melania Trump can’t get on a cover, but SHE gets a modeling deal?!”

The Twitter comments were every bit as bad as those we found on the article:

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I don’t need to tell you how pathetic these people are, they’re doing that for me.

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